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    Endless Rhythm -2000 meter Chinese calligraphy

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    persbericht : 2000 meter Kalligrafie

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    Press Releases Email this article news.gov.hk HKETO, Brussels, supports Hong Kong artists in Amsterdam (with photos) ********************************************************* The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Brussels (HKETO, Brussels) is supporting "Art Hong Kong-Amsterdam", a unique Netherlands-Hong Kong art exchange taking place in the Dutch capital city from June 25 to 29 and consisting of two special exhibitions, a live performance combining calligraphy and dance, and a series of art workshops. Held at the NDSM-shipyard and the Dokzaal, "Art Hong Kong-Amsterdam", which is part of the Art-Plan 2013-2016 of the Foundation NDSM-Shipyard, portrays traditional, contemporary and experimental art from Hong Kong and Amsterdam and is a manifestation of interaction and collaboration in art from two cultures. The exhibition "Endless Rhythm", created by artist Loi Che Chan, is a spectacular Chinese calligraphy written on ribbons with a total length of 2 000 metres. The "Chinese Lines" exhibition is a collection of art works from 43 Hong Kong artists who are alumni of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. A live performance calligraphy and dance was presented by Sarah van Praagh, Loi Che Chan and Mark van Praagh. At the workshops, artists Mark van Praagh, Loi Che Chan, May Kwok and Yin Fun Jor showed participants how to explore different methods of using Chinese ink, brushes and paper in artistic creation. Visiting the exhibition together with the Hong Kong artists today (June 29, Amsterdam time), the Deputy Representative of the HKETO, Brussels, Miss Alice Choi, said that the HKETO, Brussels is committed to promoting Hong Kong art, cultural co-operation and exchange between Hong Kong and the 15 European countries under its purview. "Since our establishment in Europe, the HKETO's role has changed from promotion of mainly Hong Kong's economic and trade interests in the early years to promotion of Hong Kong on all fronts, ranging from education and culture, to art and creative industries. This trend has gained momentum over the past few years as Hong Kong has fast been turning into a flourishing international cultural metropolis, with a distinct identity grounded in Chinese traditions and enriched by other cultures. We now support many cultural events around Europe," she said. The Art Hong Kong-Amsterdam project is organised by the Alumni Association of Fine Arts Department, the Chinese University of Hong Kong; the Foundation NDSM-shipyard, Atelier Loi Che; NDSM Treehouse and Atelier Mark van Praagh, with the support of the HKETO, Brussels, the Netherlands Hong Kong Society, and the Professor Mayching Kao Fine Arts Fund. More information regarding the background of the artists and their works is available at www.alumni.cuhk.edu.hk/aafaa/Amsterdam2015/Amsterdam2015.htm . Ends/Monday, June 29, 2015 Issued at HKT 22:59

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