It is writing and painting at the same time; control and spontaneous, virtuosity and accident, conscious and unconscious, tension and relaxation, rhythm in repetition, space and time in equilibrium. It is music and dance in non-representational terms. The contents of this 1000 meter paper ribbon are classical Chinese poems Loi Che has learned as a child by heart at school in Hong Kong. Following the same spirit of calligraphy masters in wild cursive style in the Tang dynasty, she dances with ink and brush on the rhythm of minimal music, repeating the poems often in trance to create this optical journey in one line. This installation reflects the water landscape of Amsterdam North where Loi Che lives.

You can see this 1000 meter installation of Chinese Calligraphy from 9 February to 3 March 2018 at CBK Amsterdam in the Exhibition: "Lines in Motion"East meets west, cultural Exchange Hong Kong, Chengdu, Amsterdam curated by Loi Che Rakhorst-Chan


Supported by the City Council of Amsterdam and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels: