NDSM Open, You are cordially invited, welcome!

8 October 2016 (Saturday) 12:00-18:00

More than 60 artists from 40 studios in the NDSM Art City from very diverse disciplines open their doors and showcase their work.

 “Endless Rhythm” is home again at Art City, NDSM Shipyard.

With the meditative and repetitive rhythm of Minimal music, interspersed with new classical music, Loi Che creates a play of lines and dots on a ribbon of 1000 meters Chinese calligraphy in "Wild Cursive" style to form her installation “Endless Rhythm”.  Her brush strokes were guided by tradition and music, the ink dances across the paper, creating vivid and well-balanced lines of harmony and rhythm. Content of this 1000m long ribbon is a collection of 54 Chinese classical poems which Loi Che had to learn by heart as a child at school in Hong Kong. The installation reflects the water-landscape of Amsterdam-Noord where she is now living.

In a live performance Loi Che writes on a surface of 30 x 30 meters with a long brush.

The installation will be exhibited until 18:00 Sunday 9 October.

“Endless Rhythm “was first exhibited and performed at NDSM Art City during NDSM Open 2013.

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NDSM 舊船廠藝術城開放日!邀請閣下光臨參觀!

8-10-2016 (星期六)12:00-18:00