“Art Hong Kong –Amsterdam”2015

Traditional, contemporary, and experimental art from Hong Kong and Amsterdam in the NDSM-shipyard and Dokzaal. A manifestation of interaction and collaboration in art from two cultures.

On June 25 there will be two special exhibitions started at the NDSM-shipyard and the Dokzaal. The exhibition "Chinese Lines': art work of 43 artists from Hong Kong can be seen in the Dokzaal. And a 2000 meter long ribbon of Chinese Calligraphy created by artist Loi Che Chan on the NDSM-shipyard.


From 27-29 June the exhibition of art works of 43 artists from Hong Kong are consisted of classical Chinese calligraphy, painting and contemporary Chinese art. The artists are all members of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Fine Art of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

For background and pictures of work of the artists, please see website Alumni Association, Chinese University of Hong Kong:




Starting from 25 June there is a 2,000 meter long ribbon of Chinese Calligraphy in "Wild Cursive" style on the NDSM-shipyard, created by artist Loi Che Chan. This unique form of art is called “Music without Sound" in China. Chinese characters are icons; each character in itself is an abstract image which is rich in diverse lines. The "Wild Cursive" style is a simplified form of the regular characters, so that the characters can be written very quickly after each other. The content of this 2000m long ribbon is a collection of 54 Chinese classical poems which Loi Che had learn by heart as a child at school in Hong Kong. These poems flow naturally, without thinking, from her hands onto the paper. A part of the ribbon is made with the meditative rhythm of Dutch Minimalist music. During the exhibition period, occasional live demonstrations will be given on a surface of 30 x 30 meters with a long brush.


On 27 June 16:30 there is a live Performance calligraphy and dance by Sarah van Praagh, Loi Che Chan and Mark van Praagh at Dokzaal. The artists and dancer are inspired by each other and the music. Loi Che and Mark by Sarah’s dance-improvisations, Sarah in turn by the calligraphic characters of Mark and Loi Che. During the performance, dance, calligraphy and music come together.



Workshop 28 June 2015: Music and lines: work method “Unusual Characters and Letters”              14:00 – 16:00    Location: NDSM-werf

In this workshop you will encounter the work of Mark van Praagh and his “ Unusual Characters and Letters” that can be referred to as free calligraphy. Mark often sets to work led by the repetitive rhythms and reverberations of minimal music. In this workshop, Loi Che Chan will demonstrate with Mark van Praagh to show how repetitive music guides their handwriting and influences their artistic coproduction arising from two distinct hemispheres. The participants will then experiment with the technique of drawing and writing their own rhythmic characters and letters accompanied by different kinds of music.


Workshops 29 June 2015: New experience with Chinese brush, ink and paper


09:00 – 10:30 discover Chinese ink, brush and paper     Location:  NDSM werf

                May Kwok will give a workshop on exploring the use of different brush strokes on paper and

                the use of different tones of ink applications and demonstrate how to draw with clear water.


11:00 – 12:30 New experiments with rice paper    Location: NDSM werf

Yin Fun Jor will show us how to do experiments with rice paper to get exciting effects, such as dipping the paper in various types of paint to know the specific qualities of rice paper, and experimenting with the traditional method of rice paper mounting to discover new application.


Address NDSM-werf: tt. Neveritaweg , 1033 WB, Amsterdam

Address Dokzaal: Plantagedoklaan 8, 1018 CM, Amsterdam



“Art Hong Kong- Amsterdam” was made possible by financial contributions from


Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels

Netherlands Hong Kong Society

Foundation NDSM- shipyard Amsterdam

Professor Mayching Kao  Fine Arts Fund Hong Kong


Media Partners:

Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Dutch Culture China Desk



Foundation NDSM-shipyard

Alumni Association, Fine Art Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Atelier Loi Che

NDSM Tree House

Atelier Mark van Praagh



Alumni Association, Fine Art Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Loi Che Chan


"Art Hong Kong -Amsterdam" is part of the” Art- Plan 2013-2016” of the Foundation NDSM-Shipyard. With thanks to Social Development Department of the City of Amsterdam.


Special thanks to Chinese Centre Wa Lai and Chinese school Kai Wah Amsterdam, who has given us a lot of support and practical help.